World Suicide Prevention Day 2010

Suicide prevention is always one of the major public health concerns in the community. In 2003, 1,264 people (18.6 per 100,000 people) lost their precious lives by committing suicide. Since then, the suicide rate dropped to 14.0 per 100,000 in 2008. However, we shall expect a reduction of 13.5 to level off the global average. September 10, 2010 is the World Suicide Prevention Day. In remarking the World Suicide Prevention Day 2010, the HKJC Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention has been honored to host different activities in two consecutive weeks in September. Two well-known clinical professions, Dr. Konrad Michel and Prof. Bob Montgomery were invited to share their professional experience in the University of Hong Kong in Sep 6 and Sep 16. On the 9th, a press conference was also held addressing suicide numbers in the previous year.

預防自殺向來是我們社區內其中一個最主要的公共健康問題。 在2003年,1264人(即
2003年1,264人(大約毎十萬人18.6人) 因自殺而失去了他們寶貴的生命。此後,雖然2008年的自殺率下降到毎十萬人14.6人,但我們期望數字能進一步減少到接近全球平均水平,即毎十萬人13.5人。
2010年9月10日是世界防止自殺日。香港大學香港賽馬會防止自殺研究中心榮幸地在九月連續兩個星期舉辦不同的活動,包括分別在9月6日和9月16日邀請兩位著名的臨床專家,Konrad Michel 博士及 Bob Montgomery教授在香港大學分享他們的專業經驗,以及在9月9日舉行的記者招待會上公布過去一年的自殺人數。

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