Latest Suicidology reports and Education 知識轉移
The Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention of HKU pays attention to use science and education to foster ones’ mental health. We host workshops and conferences to the public and helping professionals to demonstrate the essence of knowledge exchange. This column reports latest research trends and ideas on suicidology. 香港大學防止自殺研究中心(下稱中心)致力推動科學和教育來豐潤公眾的情緒及精神健康。中心舉辦工作坊、會議等活動以達至公眾和醫護人員的知識交流的效果。研究版會為讀者提供最新的自殺學研究動向等資訊。



Follow-up of Suicide Attempters – The Role of the Therapeutic Alliance

In remarking the World Suicide Prevention Day 2010, the HKJC Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention has been honored to host different activities in two consecutive weeks in September. Two well-known clinical professions, Dr. Konrad Michel and Prof. Bob Montgomery were invited to share their professional experience in the University of Hong Kong on Sep [...]



Psychological Responses to Disasters

Sept 16, 2010 Psychological responses to disasters – An empirically informed approach to facilitating preparation for disasters and helping survivors effectively and safely, in the field and in the clinic. This seminar is co-organized by the Department of Social Work & Social Administration, HKU; The HKJC Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention, HKU & The [...]



Symposium on Suicide and the Media

A symposium jointly organized by the CSRP, Department of Social Work and Administration as well as the Journalism and Media Studies Centre on suicide and the media was held on April 28,2010. Professions (Prof. Jane Pirkis, Prof. Thomas Niederkrotenthaler and Dr. King-wa Fu) from Australia, Austria and Hong Kong were invited to give three presentations regarding the media influence towards suicide in the University of Hong Kong.



HKU Outstanding Researcher Awards 2009

This year, the Director of The Hong Kong Jockey Club Suicide Research and Prevention (a.k.a the Centre), Prof. Paul Siu Fai YIP has been awarded the Outstanding Researcher Award in honoring his international research accomplishments.
香港大學香港賽馬會防止自殺研究中心總監 葉兆輝教授獲頒香港大學傑出研究員獎,以表彰他在國際研究領域的成就。