IASP XXVI World Congress 2011

The World Health Organization (WHO) reported that about two thirds of suicide cases happened in Asia, it is timely that the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) 26th World Congress was held for the first time this year in Beijing, China from 13-17 September 2011 and was hosted by the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) of Peking University and co-hosted by The HKJC Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention (the Centre).There were over 460 delegates and experts in suicide prevention from 48 countries who added their knowledge and experiences of suicide prevention to the cultural tapestry.

Organised for this year’s World Congress were exciting plenary sessions by established as well as up-and-coming researchers, symposiums, workshops and talks covering a range of suicide prevention topics. The Centre’s staff and students presented four posters and four oral presentations while Professor Paul Yip, Dr King-wa Fu and Dr Paul W.C. Wong also delivered outstanding speeches and presentations.

All in all, this was a fruitful five days of learning, collaboration, knowledge exchange, inspiration and more importantly reunion with old friendships and the creation of new friendships to advance suicide prevention together from all corners of this world.

Oral Presentations


  1. A potential source of Data in Understanding Youth Suicide Cluster — Instant Messasges
  2. An application of the Illness-death Model in Suicide Prevention
  3. Evaluation on Training Program for Volunteer Mentors of Helping Patients with Deliberate self-harm Behaviours
  4. Media Prominence of Suicide and its Relationship with Real Suicides in Chinese Communities: A case study on the Foxconn Suicides Event
  5. Micro-blogging suicide in China: Data Mining and Exploratory Analysis
  6. Pathway to Care of Patients Survived from Nearly Lethal Suicide Attempts
  7. Restricting the Means of Suicide by Charcoal Burning
  8. Suicides by Jumping from a Height in Hong Kong
  9. Suicide and the Legacy of Divorce: are East-Asian Countries comparable to the West?
  10. Sustainability of a School-based mental health programme in Hong Kong

Poster Presentations


  1. Randomized Controlled Trial of Volunteer Mentorship Programme for Young Adults with Deliberate Self-harm Behaviours – Preliminary
  2. The Contribution of Case Fatality and Suicide Attempt Incidence to the widening gap of suicide gender ratio in Taipei City
  3. Transferring Suicide Research Knowledge to Public Education in Hong Kong

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