You can be One of Us 社區合作
Approximately 1000 suicide deaths were recorded in Hong Kong in 2009. In comparison to the drastic number – 18.8 deaths per 100,000 in 2003, we found a 23.3% reduction (i.e. 13.8 per 100,000). It is due no luck but dedicated commitment and hard work from stakeholders in the community. The synergy of multidisciplinary collaboration of the community builds a force to making a difference.
So, you can be our warrior to suicide prevention.


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Building Safety Net for Lives

About a decade ago, Cheung Chau was once a “suicide hotspot”. Numbers of people carried their despair souls to this Island ending their lives in a place they never lived. Four years ago, in late 2006, a prevention programme for visitor charcoal burning suicide and suicide pacts was launched by a group of Cheung Chau residents. It was proved to be successful.

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In the HKEC Symposium on Community Engagement (May 15), the team has won the best presentation. (From left) Dr. Paul W.C. Wong, Mrs. Sarah Choy, Dr. Loretta Yam and Dr. Sunny Liu.

Helping Families in face of Deliberate Self-Harm

Funded by the HKSAR Gov Non-research fund for Health Care Promotion Fund to help the citizens in the Eastern Community