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iPhone, e-mail, internet, twitters and all e-technologies connect the world more effectively and efficiently as ever. Simultaneously, even with the latest Web 2.0 creation, there are people that still are desperately and hopelessly disconnected in our community.

Despite the financial and economic hardship in 2008/2009, the suicide rate in 2009 remains at 13.8 per 100,000 which is similar to 2008. However, we have witnessed a significant increase in youth male suicide rate, a 30% increase from last year (11.7% and 8.9% in 2009 and 2008). Unemployment and school dropout among young males aged 15-24 have the highest risk than the other age groups. Not to mention suicide in ageing population is also one of greatest concerns.


iPhone, 電郵, 互聯網, 微博等網絡科技令世界人口前所未有地緊密連繫,可是與此同時,即使有了最新的web 2.0系統,我們的社會裡仍有許多人無法與他人接軌,陷入絕望與無助之中。

二零零八及零九年,受到金融海嘯影響,香港面對著經濟困境,零九年自殺率維持在接近零八年水平的每十萬人13.8宗,然而我們發現青少年男性自殺比率較零八年大幅上升了30%(零九年佔總自殺人數11.7%,零八年比率為8.9%)。相比起其他群組,15-24 歲失業及失學男性自殺風險最高,而長者也是極需要關注的一群。

Furthermore, suicide cluster study also identified high suicide risk areas in numbers of district and location. Prominently these clusters demonstrate disconnection between social services and vulnerable and disadvantaged groups in the district.

All these reflect a strong connection between our knowing and reason. The creation goal of Mindmap is to connect the community especially to the disconnected via the Internet. Here, we create a mental health information hub to engage the community in suicide prevention and promote mental well being. Mindmap is divided into different themes. In here, you can retrieve latest evidence based information, feature articles and good practice models as a knowledge transfer.

Your responses and suggestions will be much appreciated to make Mindmap works better for you. We are continuously striving for excellence in serving our thriving community.

Everyone’s life is precious. There are no second chances in life. We should cherish our lives and make the most of what we have. Mindmap is one of our proudest achievements, and we hope that it will become part of our community- to know, to reason, and to help saving precious lives.

Prof Paul S.F. Yip,
Director of HKJC Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention


以上的種種都反映出認知和思考把我們緊緊的連繫著。有見及此,Mindmap 的創立更是鎖定目標,務求透過互聯網聯繫大眾,尤其無法與他人接軌的那一群。這是一個公開的心理健康資訊樞紐,不但鼓勵社區人士加入防止自殺工作,也致力推廣精神及心理健康。Mindmap 把多個主題劃分,向公眾提供最新的實證為本的資料、專題文章以及成功的實踐模式,作為一種知識傳送或交流。


「生命無Take Two」,人生無價,我們每個人都該珍惜自己,活出最好。Mindmap 代表了我們的創見,它將成為社會的一部份,綜合智慧,連接每個生命,為認知、思考與生存導航。